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Signs of Stress

Stress impacts all aspects of our functioning-Mind, Body, Emotions, and Behavior. It’s National Stress Awareness Month! Stress impacts all of our functioning–Mind, Body, Emotions, and

Are you a Boss/Leader that is also a Coach?

Being a Leader that is also a coach = 🔹Inclusive vs Directive/Authoritarian🔹Relational vs Transactional Leadership 🔹Uses Purpose and Mission to Inspire vs Fear and Intimidation

Do you over-function or under-function?

Which is your preferred style? Is it still serving you? OVER-FUNCTIONING Over-functioning = being overly involved in and feeling responsible for others, offering “free” (aka,

Try The Pomodoro Method

If you find it hard to sit still and focus on important tasks, try The Pomodoro Method. Last year while writing a book proposal, I

Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries = Stating what you need and expect today (this might be different than a month or 5 years ago). WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE