What We Do

We Create Healthy
Leaders And Organizations

When we feel good we perform better. Leaders who feel good create thriving cultures. Thriving cultures equate to successful enterprises.

Our Mission

When I started Dr. Shanna Teel & Co., I set out to develop leaders and teams to communicate and perform better. This mission still exists, but it has expanded to helping leaders, teams and organizations focus on and transform personal, professional, and organizational health, culture and systems.

Making integrative HEALTH the number one business objective for organizations is paramount to creating healthy leaders, teams, systems and cultures that perform and thrive. As a society we have finally reached a tipping point where people are ready to address their total, integrative health (body, mind and spirit.

Investing in the health and well-being of our leaders is the best health insurance any company can provide. The return on investment in leader-health is infinite. 

Make leader-health your priority—contact us here.

Dr. Shanna Teel

Our Values

I. Authenticity

Authenticity is synonymous with genuine, real, lack of falsehoods, and truthfulness.

Whether with our clients or inside our firm, authenticity defines the quality and depth of the experience with Dr. Shanna Teel & Co. Building relationships with our clients is critical to our success and we do it because we genuinely love it. We believe in the power of gathering data, providing direct, graceful feedback, and creating a unique environment where clients can transform. Meaningful partnerships with our clients have resulted in decreased stress, higher performance, increased overall health creativity, motivation, commitment, and quality of life.

II. Business Health

We exist to help our clients improve business health and results. 

We accomplish this by helping leaders, teams, and organizations address the total health and well-being of their people. We bring the body, mind, and spirit conversation into the workplace and we don’t shy away from the necessity of treating all employees as wholistic human beings. Now, more than ever, people are ready to live, work, and perform in more integrative, conscious ways. Organizations are primed to help individuals with their overall health and in return, organizations experience greater results, more engagement, less sick days, improved creativity, etc.

We provide our clients with innovative and practical business and learning tools.

Leader Health = Business Health.


Over 20+ Years of Experience

A central value of our firm is that we work with people who have demonstrated competence, experience and have the internal drive to exceed expectations. We have long-term relationships with our clients because we have demonstrated our commitment to their transformation and success. As a firm we are always learning and growing right alongside our clients; we hold the mirror up to ourselves just as firmly as we hold it up for our clients.

IV. One-Mindset

We have a fundamental belief that we are all ONE and we are all CONNECTED. We exist to help, heal, serve and transform lives, leaders and organizations. 

It is our mission to add value in a meaningful, authentic, and graceful way. We believe that every one of our clients already has the inherent knowledge and intuition to progress and succeed; we are simply the guides to support their goals and success.

We do not need to change the world; rather we strive to consciously impact lives and organizations through our daily actions and results. We are committed to bettering our corner of the world by improving the health and well-being of leaders, teams, and organizations.

Leaders change the world and we change leaders.

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