Do you over-function or under-function?

Which is your preferred style? Is it still serving you?


🔼 Over-functioning = being overly involved in and feeling responsible for others, offering “free” (aka, unsolicited) advice. Highly active individuals who take pride in accommodating a lot and maximizing time and resources. Viewed as being highly responsible and reliable in all areas of life.


🔽 Under-functioning = being more laid back, going with the flow, and often relying on others to manage things for them. May overly rely on others for advice, guidance, and moving goals and tasks along.

Typically, overs and unders pair up/partner up. This works for a while.... until it doesn't.


▶️Optimal Functioning is the goal. This occurs when we take a 💯 responsibility for our lives and hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes and circumstances of our lives (good or bad). There’s no more blaming, complaining, or excuses. It is a solid belief in oneself to create your own, positive, healthy reality, boundaries, and relationships.