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with Industrial Psychologist + Leadership & Health Expert Dr. Shanna Teel
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Health & Success Will Always Be Connected

Successful leaders, teams and companies understand that personal and organizational growth requires a clear vision, a solid plan to execute and the courage to be strong and healthy.

Health impacts creativity, innovation, engagement, growth, and performance.  We help leaders, teams, and organizations improve their health and perform better.

How We Can Help

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Consulting & Speaking

Organizations hire us to improve leadership performance, team alignment, and organizational culture and outcomes.

Equilibrium Leadership Institute

EQLI is an integrative leadership and organizational health program for leaders and executives. EQLI is more than a leadership development program, it is a transformational experience that integrates the latest in neuroscience, wellness, and leadership research. 

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Executive + Leadership Coaching

For over 20 years we have successfully coached thousands of leaders and executives to improve their performance, creativity, emotional intelligence, stress, health, and quality of life, relationships and results.

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Over the last 22 years

I have had the privilege to partner with extraordinary leaders and organizations. The one thing all of these leaders have in common is their pursuit of excellence. Whether leading a new team, running a bigger business, tackling a new promotion, or challenging themselves to transform old habits into new ones, they do it with passion, purpose, resilience, courage, and intentionality. 
Become one of the extraordinary. Contact us today. 
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Intentional Input Creates A Healthier Life

Creating and living a healthy life requires Intentional Input in all areas of our lives. GIGO I like the acronym GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out) developed by early IBM programmer, George Fuechsel. Creating a healthier

Remote vs. Flexible

Did you know Flexible Work and Remote Work are (slightly) different? Leaders are being faced with redefining the future of work. Companies are (or need to) rethink how to adjust to the new reality of

Listen and seek to understand the “other” 

Meaningful connections happen when we deeply listen and seek to understand the ‘other’. Ever find yourself in conversations jumping to agree vs disagree, yes/no, right/wrong, fit/no fit? It’s a safety valve in the limbic system-our

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