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Redefine a successful life for yourself

What if you fully accepted that your deepest happiness, peace, creativity, and productivity are on the other side of your mental/emotional, physical and spiritual health?

Your Priorities and You

Do you lead your life based on priorities or tasks? WHAT ARE YOUR TOP PRIORITIES? Quick–without overthinking–what are your top priorities right now? • Are

Movement to grow your brain

Give your brain some fresh air. My best ideas either come first thing in the morning when it’s quiet and the day hasn’t started or


PRESENCE has been a topic of conversation in many coaching conversations the last few weeks. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Being present and directing your attention

The Value of Sleep

What Value Do You Put On Sleep? Healthy, high-achieving leaders must redefine their relationship with sleep to ensure the longevity of their own health and

10 Tips for Leading During Crisis

Leading through crisis requires LEADING. Leading is not to be confused with managing. If you focus on managing, you may find yourself over-controlling things and

Inner Circle

In a culture where everyone is a “friend” it is often illusory who we consider to be in our inner circle. The beauty of our