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Passion, Purpose, and Potential

Looking for your Purpose, Passion, Potential? We don’t magically “find” our why. Our whys unfold as a result of action – actions that bring joy.

The Great Resignation

The ecosystem has been disrupted between home/work/society and it’s time for leaders to listen and act in a new way. Taking care of your people’s

Competence <---> Confidence

When our competence in an area grows, so does our confidence. When lacking confidence in a new role, job, or life experience, go toward improving

I LOVE Books

Books to love. This week I featured a handful of books that I have read and re-read many times over the years. Here’s an overview

The Value of Sleep

What Value Do You Put On Sleep? Healthy, high-achieving leaders must redefine their relationship with sleep to ensure the longevity of their own health and

Do Great Leaders Take Breaks?

“COVID doesn’t take a break” was a phrase used by one of my executive coaching clients last week. He was not the first one in

10 Tips for Leading During Crisis

Leading through crisis requires LEADING. Leading is not to be confused with managing. If you focus on managing, you may find yourself over-controlling things and