Passion, Purpose, and Potential

Looking for your Purpose, Passion, Potential?

We don’t magically “find” our why. Our whys unfold as a result of action – actions that bring joy.

Passion, purpose and potential are the result of action. Do stuff. Do the things that bring you joy and your WHY lives there… 


What ONE THING brings you pure joy?

prompts to discover your passion, purpose, and potential:


  • What is that one thing you do that brings you absolute joy?
  • The thing that gives you energy even when your body is tired?
  • The thing you can do without a lot of thought (it comes naturally)?
  • The one thing that makes you forget to eat, drink, and pee?
  • If it were gone would a piece of you seek to be alive in some way?

For me, it’s writing and coaching.

What’s yours?