Tips On How To Lead Confidently Virtually

Be human first.

It’s OK to show your human, personable side. It is not only refreshing, it is required. What does this mean? It means don’t just jump to task in a meeting, take a moment to connect personally and interpersonally. Try this: Ask your team to share one highlight from their week and one moment they are proud of. As the leader, you share too but share last.

Make Psychological Safety a priority.

Leaders are tasked to be conscious of and care for the psychological (emotional and cognitive) safety and well-being of their teams. If this doesn’t come naturally to you, no problem, find a leadership/executive coach to support you.

Try: In your next 1:1’s with team members, take a minute to do a “well-being” check-in. Ask them: How are you? Do they have what they need to do their job? How can you better support them? Are there other ways they would like to add value to the team/project?

Increase your Tech Competence.

Learn the platforms your company is using and stop making excuses for not knowing the tech or being too old (Pro tip: Need help? Youtube it!). No more comments about your lack of skill with using technology (you can guarantee you are getting eye rolls at this point).

When on video calls: Get your lighting right (light in front of your face). Make sure your headset works. Practice looking into the green dot/camera. No eating your lunch on camera.