The Great Resignation

The ecosystem has been disrupted between home/work/society and it’s time for leaders to listen and act in a new way.

Taking care of your people’s total health–physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and creative is the path forward. Burnout is at an all-time high; employees need more flexibility than ever before because home life has changed too, and people need to be seen and respected and have their ideas valued and heard.

What is Causing the Great Resignation?

According to Forbes, Oct 2021:

Burnout: 40%
Company Going Through Org Change: 34%
Lack of Flexibility: 20%
Discrimination: 20%
Ideas and Contributions not being Valued: 20%
Insufficient Benefits: 19%
Well-being not being Supported: 16%

Source: Forbes Oct 2021

What is the Great Resignation?

A mass exodus of employees leaving jobs, even without other jobs lined up because they are demanding to be respected, heard, valued, and have their needs for flexibility and health & well-being attended to?

A few tips for leaders to address now:

  1. Conduct a burnout survey, and be prepared to implement more company-supported well-being events and time off.
  2. If your company is going through or anticipating org changes, get in front of it by over-communicating and being transparent. Your honesty won’t cause people to leave, your lack of transparency and not being upfront will.
  3. Flexibility is the new currency, where you can offer more flexibility and flex time. Focus on the results, not the location the work is performed or the amount of time it takes to complete a task.
  4. Employees want to feel heard, valued, and respected. Now is a great time to start listening and responding to their input.
  5. Conduct a DEI Assessment (diversity equity and inclusion) to gauge how included and respected people feel. If you conduct the survey, be prepared to create a DEI Strategy and Plan.