I LOVE Books

Books to love.

This week I featured a handful of books that I have read and re-read many times over the years. Here’s an overview of each:


The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle


This is an all time favorite book and one I go back to over and over. It is more than just being present in the moment. It is a book that helps us free our minds from the habitual response patterns and pain of the past. It is about cultivating a stronger inner life and shedding those old pain-bodies that keep us stuck. When we get our inner world right, our outer world becomes easier. Our happiness is not reserved for some future point in time, it is now.

The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron

We all hunger for more creative living but fear we aren’t creative. We have a deep sense that we are indeed creative but we haven’t used those muscles in a long time. Sometimes our creative longings are clear and other times they are rumbling and stirring under the surface. Julia offers ideas and tools for exploring your creative and spiritual journey.

When we get the inner world right, the outer world becomes easier

A Few More BookS...



The Power of Coincidence by David Richo

Coincidences or synchronous moments give us pause and draw our attention to the underlying significance of life events. When we pay attention we start to see the world in new, deeper way. Paying attention to these “coincidences” adds depth, texture, meaning and purpose to what we may otherwise call random or chance events. When we make this shift in our interpreting, we start to see that everything and everyone are here for our learning, growth, and transformation. Life really does become a miraculous thing when we stop experiencing life as random and unpredictable things but step toward the connectedness and meaning in everything.

Triggers By David Richo

When life events happen we naturally have a response that can trigger us into an emotional reaction. Sometimes these emotional reactions seem well founded and other times they seem more intense than they should. We can learn to calm our quick, reactive and impulsive responses by retraining our brains to reach for more productive, internal resources and tools. Davids’s book is a guide for just that.

Deep Work in A Distracting World By Cal Newport

Relying on distracted, fragmented days and work styles does very little to help us feel productive and confident in our work. Deep work requires chucks of uninterrupted work time to get into the flow and produce things of value. The ability to focus and work deeply is a rare and important skill and currency in the current world and economy.

The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne Dyer

Clear intentions about what you want is full of energy and momentum. Intentions create the fire to move us forward and the lack of clear intentions keep us stuck. Thoughts and emotions are creative, energetic things-for better or worse. Having kind, loving, action-driven thoughts strengthen us and our actions. Unkind, competitive, envious thoughts weaken us and our actions.

The Book of Secrets by Deepak Chopra

Identify and unlock your bodies natural intelligence and change your relationship with this thing called, Life. You already have the wisdom to live a good life inside of you. Our higher brains can get in the way of this sacred knowledge. Discover the secrets Deepak so beautifully shares in this book (and all of his others).