Intentional Input Creates A Healthier Life

Creating and living a healthy life requires Intentional Input in all areas of our lives.


I like the acronym GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out) developed by early IBM programmer, George Fuechsel. Creating a healthier life requires intentionality about what goes into our brains and bodies, again GIGO. If you input good, nutritional information, food, experiences, and relationships into your life, the quality of your life and health improves, the opposite is true too. Too much mindless input vs. intentional input of anything does not serve our health, goals, and purpose. 


To set your week up for success and be mindful of Intentional Input + GIGO, consider the following:

  • No external input first thing in the morning (No phone or news)
  • Clear your mind with 10-20 min of the morning, quiet time (again, No Phone)
  • Make a list of priorities for the day (On Paper, again, No Phone)
  • On your list of priorities, write the name of one person to meaningfully connect with or support
  • Let your first meal of the day include protein (and greens if you are brave)
  • Turn off email notifications; Only answer email 2-3 x’s a day, not as they come in
  • Turn off social media notifications–check it 1-2 times a day
  • Allow 15-20 minutes/day to intentionally input the news you want (vs turning the tv on and letting it just run in the background; this takes away your choice about what is being input into your brain)
  • Make decisions based on your yearly goals and values
  • Only commit to 1-2 high-value, social engagements per week
  • Aim to be in bed, ready to close your eyes by 10 pm

Wishing you a week of intentional input,

Dr. Shanna