The Myth, The Legend, The Unicorn

We are seeking something that does not exist

We are searching for that elusive thing that escapes us

We all want a “good life”

We all want to feel good

We all want to continue to grow and do great things

And, yet

We often spend unnecessary energy trying to fulfill this thing that does not exist—Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance Does Not Exist

In theory it is a good goal to strive for, but in reality it is something we cannot quite grasp

We can’t grasp it because our bodies are out-of-balance

How can we achieve a balanced life if our bodies, minds, and spirits are not right?

We can’t

So, the new paradigm for healthy living is INTEGRATION

Body-Mind-Spirit Integration

The more we integrate all the aspects of our lives and health, the more we will find a sense of equilibrium, peace, deeper joy, and ironically, more success.

But, we must first get right with our bodies and minds.

Body-mind-spirit integration first begins with redefining health and success in the following areas of life: Physical | Professional | Financial | Intellectual | Emotional | Relational | Social | Sexual | Spiritual

Once we re-define health and accept that work-life balance isn’t possible without balancing our complete system—then we begin to make small, daily changes that will accumulate to greater health overtime.

Body-Mind-Spirit Integration is the way we begin to bring balance to our personal ecosystem. We cannot treat these entities separately any longer. Inside each of us is a deeper yearning; a call to live a better, more meaningful life—and this is the way.

My scientific brain fought against this for years, and it lost the battle. The minute I faced the fact that I was living a narrow, one-dimensional life (defined as success in my career), I slowly began to create a more integrated, healthier life.

To begin, start to examine which dimensions of health you default to (Physical | Professional | Financial | Intellectual | Emotional | Relational | Social | Sexual |Spiritual)?

Our default dimensions are usually the ones we are good at, have done the longest, and have received rewards for (praise, validation, money, status, promotions, awards, prestige, etc.). The dimensions that need the most attention, are usually the ones we resist the most.

For most high-achieving people I know (myself included), Professional, Financial, and Intellectual are often the dimensions that receive the most attention, time, and energy. Short-term we experience rewards; mid and long-term the slow, invisible weight of a life that is “missing something” creeps in and we are left wandering/wondering what went wrong.

Life takes on a new depth when we practice being more multi-dimensional, and not just focusing on our default dimensions. Are you ready to have a more integrated, healthier life?

Cheers to an integrated life,

Dr. Shanna


Photo Credit: Nick Tong, Joshua Tree National Forest, California