Leader Health Revolution

When I started Dr. Shanna Teel & Co. many years ago, I was on a mission to develop leaders and organizations to perform better. This mission still exists, but now it is secondary to helping leaders and organizations become healthier first. Making HEALTH the number one business objective for organizations is the only way forward.  We all know our nation is in the middle of a healthcare crisis, a crisis that is very complex and multi-faceted. The one way to chip away at this nationwide crisis is by beginning with leaders in organizations. Organizations today need a revolution, a health revolution. When leaders of corporations, governments, and universities lead-the-way we will begin to shift the health landscape and ecosystem of our organizations and our nation.  


Here are some small things you can do today to shift your individual leader-health:

Decrease Sugar (now). Sugar is a silent killer to our bodies immune systems, and brains. Sure it tastes really good, but it is killing us.

Drink More Water. You’ve heard that we often mistake hunger for thirst. So drink lots and lots of H20. All that caffeine you are consuming is dehydrating too, so you need lots of water to replenish. Water is your skin and digestive systems best friend.

Sleep More. Sadly over 70 million+ Americans are not sleeping. We don’t sleep enough, and sleep is a de-valued biological necessity in our culture. Low amounts of sleep have been bragged about as a tool to productivity and success, which is completely silly and misinformed—you’ve heard people brag, “I only got 4 hours of sleep last night.” The brain needs sleep to function at its optimum, to make good decisions, retain information, learn new information, process emotions, fight cravings, and keep the immune system strong. We are more likely to reach for a substance or a pill to help us sleep than to re-train our brains and bodies to get good quality sleep. Sleep is the foundation for productivity, health, quality of life, and good brain/mind development.

Move Your Body. You have to move daily. You have to get your heart rate up daily. Moving, in any form, gets fresh blood, oxygen, and a whole bunch of other supportive neurochemicals running through our bodies. We need these natural chemicals to activate our minds, and to feel good.  Your mind literally comes alive when you re-engage and move your body.

Use Food as Medicine. Food is one of the most powerful, accessible tools we have available to us to help us feel good. Food can also be like poison to our bodies. We can use food to diagnose what is going on in our bodies, but is usually the last thing we think of.

Breathe deeply. Morning, noon, and night practice deep breathing. Practice deep, long, slow inhales through the nose followed slow, controlled, exhales through the mouth—do a minimum of 3 deep breaths (more is better).

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Image credit: https://unsplash.com/photos/Kt5hRENuotI