Your Success Formula | Stress

We have completely accepted that stress is a way of life

We have completely accepted that stress is ok and that it is almost expected if you are to achieve anything

We have become intimate lovers with stress, even when we don’t really like this lover

We are in bed with something/someone we don’t like (well, some of you do)

We are in bed with something that makes us feel bad

It is strange and foolish thing we do to ourselves

But we do it because it is a means to an end

We accept this way of life because of the illusion of some great pay-off in the end

The truth is that the payoff never really comes

Because even if we succeed along the way, we have now created rituals, habits and success formulas that include stress as part of the winning formula

So why on earth would you change the formula if it is working?


When offered techniques to reduce stress and improve happiness our response is often, “I don’t have enough time and I don’t have enough time because I’m too stressed!”

Stress creates more stress and our stress keeps us from undoing the stress

It is likely that your body, mind and spirit bark at you about your current relationship to stress, but you are attempting to ignore it

At some point, your bodies, minds and spirits are going give you warning signs of danger ahead

If you ignore these warning signs then body will have to simply rebel

When this rebellion happens it will be on a random day of the week, and likely during an important AND stressful task you are working on

The body’s rebellion, for most of us, won’t come quietly and tap you on the shoulder like an old friend


For most of us, the body will stage a full-on assault to take back control of the beautiful machine you have been ignoring and destroying

Take Back Control,

Dr. Shanna


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