The Great Trade-Off | Health For Success

We are all a product of our past successes and setbacks—which is good news and bad. The good news is that we have achieved great things. The bad news is that this success has a cost; A cost to our physical health, emotional health, relationships, quality of life, and daily joy. Somewhere along the way we unknowingly made a trade off— health for success. The tricky thing is that when this “trade-off” was made we had youth, good health, and unwavering determination on our side. As the years click by, and the normal ups and downs of life and business occur we lose track of this “trade-off”—until one day it sneaks up on all of us.

About seven years ago, I “hit the wall”. Many of you will relate. The wall felt like this: I had little to no energy; my sleep was average to poor; I was anxious all the time; I would go through periods of depression (but I would never ever admit this out-loud); Migraines and stomach issues were commonplace; I traveled 60-70% of the time; Work and life responsibilities were high; my diet was good, but I knew I something was off; I exercised a few times a week despite having no energy; my mind was foggy and my body was just worn-out. Despite all of this, I considered myself “healthy” and in “good shape”; my doctor even told me I was healthy! I thought the things above were just normal. It wasn’t until I slowly began to educate myself more deeply on health, nutrition, and holistic health that I realized that my normal wasn’t healthy at all, and that my normal was setting me up for a lifetime of dis-ease, stress, and cyclical quality of life and satisfaction.  I’m sure many of you can relate, or maybe you think your normal is healthy. But, do you really know?

If you lead others, the time has come to:

  • Re-define your normal and healthy
  • Re-engage with your health
  • Connect business health with leader health
  • Re-evaluate and re-set your mindset about success and health
  • Get out of your head and back into our body
  • To feel better—much better!

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